Development of a quality assurance concept

Celitement is, microscopically considered, an extremely disordered material that consists mostly of thin amorphous layers of hydraulic calciumhydrosilicate. It also forms agglomerates of different sizes from very fine particles, which can determine the reactivity and processing properties of Celitements decisively.

Therefore, it is very effortful to characterize or identify Celitement analytically. The processes required for this are complex. For the development and optimization of Celitement, special analytical expertise is required. This is currently being developed together with the partner KIT until final maturity practice. Only the analytical control of all process steps in the production allows the step into industrial practice.

A reliable process control, quality control and optimization of the product up to marketability is only possible if all related materials can be accurately enough characterized and objectively assessed. The efficiency of an industrial plant is highly dependent on the use of automatable systems for production and quality control. Some methods of previous manual analysis of Celitements have never been integrated into the automation of the process control of industrial installations. Along with the KIT, industrially applicable methods and techniques have been developed. These are currently tested either by the industrial partner SCHWENK or in the pilot plant.