Due to the planned annual production volume, Celitement is well suited for applications in the field of speciabuilding materials. Application-optimized special building materials and modern mortars and concretes are complex multi-component systems. For its safe function and practical application different building chemical additives must generally be used. Celitement GmbH has succeeded in finding competent partners from the construction chemicals industry for the optimization of building chemical active ingredients for the new binder. As a pure calcium hydrosilicate, some interaction mechanisms in the Celitement system differ quite clearly from the principles known from classical cements.

First practical experiences with the processing of Celitement shows that effective use is possible in many applications using well known branded products. Types specially adapted to Celitement, however, offer a great additional potential that should be used together with the cooperation partners. Therefore, the joint consideration of the interactions between the different ingredients in the planned application is decisive for the user of modern building materials systems. Almost all the demanding applications of modern binders today require structural additives. The coordination between building chemicals and binders requires a high level of research, development and consultancy work, both with the manufacturer of construction chemicals, but also with the actual binder manufacturer. This applies, of course, to the case where building chemical additives are necessary for completely novel building material combinations or formulations, as is also the case with the use of Celitement.